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Alive — June 30, 2019


Yea I’m alive everything went wrong after I moved. Turns out okay is bad city is nice decided to stay. Video idea did not happen do to individual differences which is fine still thinking of doing something else.

Video game idea halted because life happend. Living with my fiance got a full time job and barley making money. Life rough I have no time for me or for my hobby and I feel like I’m back at square 1. Though things are turning around. Mainly because now I really need the money desperately. To the point where I’m about broke down.

So what better way to make money than try something new. I’m not promising anything anymore cuz I cant but just look out for me I’ll be around.

Hey all — March 7, 2019

Hey all

Hey good news I have decided to just merge with the community. I have been enjoying the fun of rambling on Twitter and with some help from the community have decided that video games as a whole deserve to be celebrated just as much as anything.

So the game and overlook my creepy pasta brand inspired by SCP are going to he funded slowly with my funds and the ocassional PayPal or some protective fund means.

Overlook will always be open source however and the only time i ever ask for funds there is if I need a production team to do some special event but for now me and my friends are just having fun designing creepy shit.

Anyway again constant updates over on Twitter. I cant financially grow this area yet and I may just use it as a quick means to ramble longer. But anyhow ty all for following me if u read this at all idc. Just gives me an outlet.

Calling all horror and fantasy writers,lovers,and enjoyers — February 28, 2019

Calling all horror and fantasy writers,lovers,and enjoyers

I have become inspired by a very creepy community known as SCP. I at one point this week decided I would tie my stuff in. But I don’t want to. Their world has been created painstakingly for years. For somone new to interject possibly hundreds more new people for them to police and possibly reject multiple new entries.

I decided that I would attempt to create my own universe something like theirs but more wide spread. As in earth is not the only planet humanity and creatures of new inhabit.

This world needs a name this world needs monsters and this world needs a website home. I will personally fund this as a hobby and i welcome all to come join me as I attempt to hammer it into existence. To keep with the creepy and air of mystery this home will be Wikidot.

The name of the universe needs a short simple name that represents what it is. My world is more of a field science. They rarely contain and when they do it is usually objects. They only ever capture an entity when it threatens the balance of a planet. Or is deemed to dangerous and to hard to kill.

Killing is never a quick 1 2 option. In order to eradicate a creature or object. The Overlooker a human with no name gives the order. The men ask for the command. Even if they are endanger. They must wait for the command. Which usually comes stern and unemotional almost as if it is a recording. “Death it is” or a chilling unemotional “Life it is”.

This universe is during a great end. Heat death has started. And there are little galaxies left with light. Humans have taken control of a grand construct dubbed OF:054 <Goliath the world Shaper>

Description:A moon like object measuring 2440km or 1516mi. It has a rough silvery metallic shell. It’s molecular structures matches no known metals. It has no doors,identifying marks, and no entrances. There is a window in the center. when looked through an old TV monitor reveals a message [exsponged]

When [exsponged] is said the metal contruct starts to spin each half of its hemispheres in different directions. Its upper hemisphere gives off light from unknown sources. As the bottom seems to suck dark energy up around it Warping reality.It then begins to ask questions.

Q1: How big do you want your new world

Q2:Does this new world have life

Q3:dies this new world consist of earth or other substances. Such as but not limited to:Flesh,Fur,Mud,etc.

Q4:Does this world need a galaxy if no then say where it goes we shall put it in place. If yes then additional fees may apply

Q5: Are you satisfied

If no is answered: The sphere acknowledges and asks if you would like to launch a complaint.

If yes is asked: The window will slide open. You are met with a single entity. It seems to be a simple earth worm. Attempts at grabbing or taking the earth worm is met with hostility.

The Construct will chime loudly and the window will close. The T.V will flash off and [exsponged] no longer works.

This happens it takes 24 hours to reset. After words if the same person approaches the window. The window will open to an earthworm ontop of a letter informing said person he is welcome at [exsponged]

If you went straight through with the order you got this far:

After the order the construct will not talk. It only says thank you come again the window then seems to open pushing out a card reader machine that looks man made. Some sampling has come back to be earth plastics from the early 1990s.

If you fail to pay the planet that was just made will melt. How it knows to melt the planet or how it does so is a mystery. The cost of one planet is 15 dollars plus tax.

Humanity has spent decades using this goliath to create new worlds. But oddly enough when no one is observing OF:054. It will distribute meteors and comets and sometimes. Full sized planets with unknown or random organic life. Making OF:054 a possible HL[hazard to life]

File types:

OF:[Observed and Filed]

COP:[Continued Observation In Progress]

The main organization’s name is Overlook it’s prime objectives:

Observe, record,and experiment

Capture only when neccessary

Eradicate only when neccessary

Dear Lyte Entertainment — February 26, 2019

Dear Lyte Entertainment

Dear Lyte Entertainment. We have not been able to contact any of your agents. This worries us a bit do to the large amount of “Borrowed” SCP.

List of living foundations after SCP:9009 disaster. Star Date 001 H.D

As a side note:All personnel of SCP Keter Class Planet: Helios is to use low power consumption 20% for all basic personel needs. D class cells:will use 5% just for lights no more or less. The rest of power must be relocated to all Thaumium,and Keter class SCPs. A failure to comply will lead to immediate D classification.

  2. Alexylva University-imediatly sent us a message a few hours befor loss of heat.
  3. The Black Queen: Spies have been captured during chaos can confirm their station is still activ
  4. Doctor Wondertainment:Sent us a pistol three days after event. When trigger is pressed a flag pops out. The Flag is green with blue stitching. The stitching reads. [Lights out]. When read the lights immediately turn off.

This is just a mock up slowly building this mentally crazy world. To bring magic into this universe of both science and reason.

I decided to slowly meld one of my favorite series into the universe. This being said this is not the main focus of the universe. Instead this is just going to be light Easter eggs and in some cases lore chunks. But because SCP is free this chunk of lore will be produced for free and added in as a major dlc. First contact

My universe and what to expect — February 25, 2019

My universe and what to expect

Allow me to be your guide through my worlds eye:

The year is 1.HD (Heat Death) the universe is dead. Man kind has spent it’s entire time from 1950.ND(near Death) to 1.HD roughly a million years span. Building and developing technology that will allow the survival of humanity.

SON: Earths son was the first to be harvested by an advanced Dyson sphere. It was a center for colonists to regain energy relax and get ready for further deep space exploration. The son got a new name during this era. It was known as Constalation 295B (B stands for Base Model Dyson Sphere. Took 295 attempts to make it perfect) or as the people called it hope.

Tara:A sphere made just like earth was.

Meteors smashed into one another two planets where made Tara and Salvador they were then pushed into one another to simulate the creation of earth. After which the new earth was slowly flown into the right orbiting path. and then the moon Salvador was added to simulate just as earth had been created. It was then over a series of thousands of years was transformed into a lavish tropical planet a few meters bigger than earth.

Tara during its creation had power cables plunged deep into its crust. When the rock was at its softest. These cables run all along the planet. One day a year when the sun is at its closest to the planet. The planet hooks to the Dyson sphere for a couple of hours. This recharges the power grid for a whole year.

The rest of the time the Dyson sphere is storing up power via venus as drones go in and out collecting power cells. This planet is 50% clean water and 30% land 20%saltwater. Water was manually added from earths polar caps and then melted to fill up designated water ways.

The world was hand crafted to the best of humanities abilities but Tara had her own ideas. As the years progressed the world did as worlds do. She changed and caused many a floods and several volcanic dooms day events. It would take several thousand years befor the first colonists stepped foot on Tara. But eventually around 4065 scientists would create the first research facility and then soon after it was colonized.

Tara didn’t go without her own life either. Nematodes from Antarctic waters were found to still be alive in some places. And years to come would make new strange life.

Present day: 1.HD Constelation WD:12(white Dwarf no 12) it’s life as you are about to witness during the cut scene. Is about to end. You are located on another man made planet named Century. This time however the planet is hooked directly to the dwarf. That’s encased in a sphere of glass panes. That collect power all day.

The planet consumes so much raw power that there is hardly any left over by the end of a full day period. Us as humanity have become even more wasteful than befor. Knowing now that planets are a dime a dozen a few thousand years to create ain’t nothing. Go wild because there is always a tomorow!.

Until today the white dwarf glows its brightest blowing generators and power cells. Causing massive explosions throughout the towns and cities. Then darkness all that remains is a warm hot iron ball. Over a few days the light coming from the metal ball fades. And the towns lights dim with it.

Generally speaking there was mass panic as vessels left to go to Tsunami,Alpha C and Taranu the last 3 bastions of human civilization. And not to mention to find out the fate of the world builder Maryn.

During this event is the story of a place called the Complex of Future Generations. A massive genome factory and meusume of humanities biggest leaps. This is where you are and the story of how it became what it is that you experience in the game. Is well a mystery you will have to solve as well as the fate of Century and how this complex holds the key to surviving a true heat death.

Hey all — February 20, 2019
Dream #3 — February 16, 2019

Dream #3

So I have a few ideas and my dream is to make a fully functional company. To do so is going to involve not only community money but also going out and doing some campaigning. With a mixture of both I think we have a chance at being successful. This of course is only for the first two games.

If we plan our cards right and only work with the best portfolios we can manage our first few games can earn us a good net worth that can and will jumpstart our economy. We are also going to do a couple of phone games to ad monetize. Do not worry SubscribeStar fans will get the app ad free as well as faster updates.

Our veiws:

1:our funders have given us enough so no ads on any funded projects unless it is being made strictly for monotization like a phone game. And even then they get an ad free version.

2:loot boxes are the bane of society. These accursed products will never exist.

3:no pay to win mechanics or even cosmetic only products unless it is strictly for monetization. The only times we will implement these minus the(pay to win we will never go that direction) is if we are in some financial trouble,it is a phone game,or it is for charity which we plan on doing at least 4 major events a year. Which when we get bigger we will have entire meetups.

4:political free:anything and everything in our games. Is made to convey a story you play as either a man or a woman. You can customize your character. The story is written and processed in a biased light. No matter what these major companies say about our games stand by what we have stated.

If we have anything political it will be to jab at a joke or ride a meme. Other than that we will never bend a knee to social warriors. We will show some love our lovely LGBTQ community but we will stick to our stories if your character has a love interest in the opposite sex the story may lead a secret you had no idea about. We are going to stand by our decisions. We write games not realities.

We don’t know how else to say that we just won’t listen to the evil in the world. They may have cash that can help a lot but face it. If you guys like our stuff even just a simple like drives us to throw money at shit. It may be my own cash I work hard for. But if you guys love it then so be it. Helping and contributing just makes the process go by faster,makes jobs for people struggling to make it after college,and eventually hopefully we rise up to be s cdproject red,a insomnia,and or a rockstar. And give EA and these larger companies even more to worry about as we slowly go after Activisions new trophy. We know who we want and damn it if we ain’t going to try and get him eventually.

Vlog — February 15, 2019
List of Games — February 14, 2019

List of Games

Under side

Rpg:leveling,skills,classes,and evil-good

Survival:low eating,drinking,and sleep not needed to play they effect stats.

Crafting: customizing weapons to work better such as adding scopes etc, making medical supplies as well as various other Job or mmorpg style professions.

Life style:be friend various races to gain trust,weapons,story and the ability to live amongst them if so choose. The game does not have to be finished there is an ending think of this as an animal crossings with multiple towns to play in. Gain a house,decorate the home upgrade it,pets and other things.

Development time estimated:4 years with funding

currently:6years without funding

Early access:with funding:yes<to subscribers of what ever I am going go with immediate access at 5dollar level. For those with the 1 dollar fee you are going to be able to play it just not until it becomes available on all the possible websites.

Early access:without:no not until 2years of work



Play as either Jack or Emily in this upside down race to get back home. Encounter several different versions of the same map each with different outcomes to fight your way back to your original starting point after getting trapped in this loop of backwards universes while tampering with an aliean gatespace engine. But watch out each universe is not as it seems and there is something chasing you.

Open world:yes in some areas not all

This is more of a run and gun type game. Sure there will be times you can take in the vast open world. But be aware that at any moment it can attack leading you to go back in progression.

Craft:you will need to craft makeshift weapons think of this as a zombie survival.

Dev time:6years with funding

Dev time:10 or mors without

Same early access as above


Heros and legends

A card game based around some elements of hearthstone and elements of magic the gathering.

Physical game with potential of an app with game changing ideas.

Early access:I’m sure we can think of something

Dev time: hell of a lot shorter however this is going to be more expensive about 2 years total dev time. And working with the community to get it just right

The under side (working title) — February 13, 2019

The under side (working title)

Your eyes shift open slowly the sounds of bird like creatures echo in your ears. As your eyes adjust your met with a violent glow of a bright orange crystal over head. It shimmers almost as if it is speaking to you. Calling you in before you can answer it’s call you are hit with a pebble.

[Boy ]”I got it I think it is stunned!”

*You rub your head softly and get a glance at your stone carved hands.*

[One other child comes up from a small hill]

[Boy ] “Hey no fair why are you not dead yet I threw it hard!”

[Girl]*comes into scene carrying a bucket of clothes*”Philip what are you doing! That is the guardian statue it.”*she pauses as if she saw a ghost*

[Philip] “I know Riley but it moved and we were told if it ever moved that we should be in fear. And I don’t fear a hunk of stone!”*lobs another stone*

[Riley]*Grabs his arm and drops her bucket of clothes*”come it is not safe here we must warn the town come on*she pulls him down the path

During all this you look around and get a feel for yourself but are transfixed on the children.

A HUD recognizes their creature type as a Hymn Gastropod a slime creature with human features first discovered in 15A.S Planet:Xezo Sphin|Alpha Venus

A voice echos softly inaudible unrecognizable barley able to hear unless you wear headphones. (This game plays heavily on sound ques and memories)

You are free to go in any direction and that is about as much as I want to say about the story for now

The world will be in 6 or 7 layers I am aiming for 6

First layer: is beautiful rolling hills green grass a massive beautiful crystal giving off the day night cycle. But in the distance as far as your eye can see is a wall of stone even above you is stone. Map size will be about half the size of skyrim for reasons I will get into as we go down the list but know this area is resource rich and beautiful

Second layer: Still fairly green this time the orange Crystal is on the sides of the walls in this room. You notice the day cycle is a little shorter. The night cycle is a little longer. There is a smaller pool of water and far fewer resources. The map is a bit bigger now nearly the size of skyrim. More to explore in this area.

Third layer: Day is now Dusk here and lasts nearly half of what use to. And flickers on slowly almost unatural. The ground here is covered in mushroom like soil. The water here is almost nonexistent and seems to be more in the ground around you than in any one area. Resources are very hard to come by but the people here still have a good time. The map is much bigger and things start to get more questionable

Fourth layer: dim light the ground is mud and you long for that slime mycelium mess you had before and wish there was a day night cycle but here there is just a single day cycle that lasts for a few hours. Make shift toruches line path ways and the people here are more violent than friendly. Resources almost do not exist at all you would be lucky to get a bite to eat or a drink of precious water. Here is where you meet a group you wish u never had. The map size here is the same size is a bit larger more story here as well.

Layer five: this layer has no day cycle and the people here are almost savages. There is a small band of people who will help you survive down here however the way things are you would have wished to stay at layer 1. Here is the final boss area and the final peice to the puzzle.

Layer 6: is an ocean but there is more to it than that.

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